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Is it safe to share my ideas with others?

The first thing you should know is that, most likely, your idea has already been brought to life by somebody that you might not know. Chances that the idea is unique are very low. There are 7,000,000,000 people on Earth and most of them generate ideas every day.
Imagine that you've got an idea of some product or service and brought it to life privately. Now you should let the world know about your product in order to gain success. Ask yourself the following question: what is easier to steal - a real already made product that can be measured, tested, felt and then copied or a virtual idea on the paper? Even if you were the first to bring the idea to life, the one who has the power to deliver it to the world will be the real winner.
Even if keeping good thoughts for yourself doesn't make much sense, you still don't have to share your super revolutionary $1,000,000 idea. But do share the others: Making an add-on for your favorite software is a good idea too! Making a cool photo, writing a review of the product you want to buy, improving some website - all these are good ideas and you are welcome to share them with people at Aimbox who will definitely love them!

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