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AIB is a WordPress plugin that provides functionality of Anonymous Image Board. This can easily be used by anybody who wants to start their own anonymous board in a couple clicks using WordPress. An example of such image board is http://www.4chan.org/

Code requirements:
1. For prefixes you should use "aib" if needed.
2. Comments should be done in English. The more comments the better.
3. You must not use additional WP plugins or frameworks. The AIB plugin should be pretty light and small.
4. You should use native WP functionality as much as possible and not create your own functions that are already provided by WP.
5. Deleting/deactivating the plugin should not delete its data in the the DB.

Initial plugin functionality:
1. AIB registeres the [aib] shortcode. By placing this shortcode into any WP page that page starts displaying the imageboard.
2. The custom "aib" content type should be created for storing posts within it. It should have categories which will be used as boards.
3. Since AIB is anonymous, it should not have authorization. However it needs the ability to highlight posts made by the same persons. This should be done via cookies. When a user opens the site, they should receive a cookie with the following parameters: name - aib, content - a pretty long hash string (so it doesn't make sense to bruteforce it), for example sha512. Probably WP already has its own cookie functions that might be used for this. The cookie lifetime should be pretty long - a year or longer. When a user is making a post, the plugin should add the hash from user's cookies into meta attribute of the post. This way AIB will always know if a certain post was done by the same person or not.
4. Every post should have a thread_id value in DB. If thread_id == 0, this post it the 1st thread's post. Otherwise this post is a regular reply and its thread_id contains the ID of the thread in which the post was done. Most likely thread_id will be stored in meta, like all other non-standard WP values of posts.
5. The posting form should have these fields: Title, Text, File.
6. Files should be uploaded in a regular WP way - into Media Library. Only images can be uploaded (jpeg, gif, png).
7. If WP provides a nice ajax way of uploading images, you should use it.
8. In the Settings area of the admin panel the AIB settings page should appear. For now it should only have one textarea - Post Template - it is an HTML template for a single post. The default template should be nice and simple. It should support the following placeholders: {image_thumbnail}, {image_fullsize}, {datetime}, {title}, {text}, {id}, {board}. The template will be used to display posts in any list of posts (threads, categories). Next to the textarea the following caption should appear: Available placeholders: {id}, {datetime}, etc.
9. A thread is a list of posts from the oldest to the newest. A category is a list of threads where each thread is represented by its 1st post. The newer reply in a thread, the higher that thread in the category.
10. Threads URLs should use IDs: /12345 - this is a URL of the 12345 tread (i.e. the 1st post of the thread has the ID 12345). Categories URLs: /b - this is a "b" category URL.
11. As you can see there will be 3 types of pages in total: home page, category view, thread view.
12. In the category or thread view a simple pagination should display at the top and bottom. It only should contain 2 links - back and next. On the category view URLs of pages will be: /b/2 where 2 is a number of the page. On the thread view URLs of pages are: /12345/5 where 2 is a number of the page. The number of post to display per page is 50.
13. On the category and thread view page above the top pagination a posting form should display. If a user posts from the category view, a new thread is created, otherwise a reply withing a thread should be created.
14. In the category and thread view above the posting form a name of the category should appear in h1 tags in the following format: "/b - Random", i.e. the URL of the category with leading slash and the name of the category. Below should be the description of the category placed. The "/b" part should be a link.
15. At the very top of all 3 types of pages the list of all categories should display in the following format: "a / b / gif / etc". They should be links and hover overing over them should display their human readable name.
16. The plugin should support popular WP CAPTCHA plugins to protect the posting form.
17. In the template settings the {op} placeholder should be represented as well. If a post is in the 1st thread, that placeholder should have the "OP" value, overwise it should be an empty string. Also, if a post has the same hash as the 1st post in the thread, the placeholder should contain the "OP" string too. This way all posts of the thread's author will be highlighted.
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Required skills WordPress, PHP
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