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 Better orphaned attachments for phpBB Software / Better orphaned attachments for phpBB


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There’s a way in phpBB to manage orphaned attachments. However, it’s only posible to manage them through the database. If there are some files in the attachments folder that are not mentioned in the database, phpBB will not see them. For example my forum is showing the size of all attachments being 600MB and there are no orphaned ones but the actual folder with all files in it is 1,200MB, so half of files in it are trash that got accumulated after multiple updates, old phpBB bugs, issues with the server, etc. It would be great to get rid of those easily.
Founded by Initiatus SPAM Abuse Apr 15, 2013
Admin Initiatus
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    Initiatus   Admin  Founder  Investor

    Nice, thank you. I'm going to test it today.

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    Cheese-please   Creator

    Plugin deletes all files which dont have record in database,so yes.

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    Initiatus   Admin  Founder  Investor

    Does the plugin account for the thumbnails that are stored in the file folder too?


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