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 Built-in Google search for phpBB Software / Built-in Google search for phpBB


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On large forums the search can overload the server. One of the solutions can be using Google Custom Search Engine:
After the mod is installed the built-in search will use Google without visitors leaving the site and the server will not get overloaded. The only con of this system is that there’s no way to search private forums and sub-forums but maybe there’s a solution for that as well.
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    Cheese-please   Creator

    After creating your gcse, you can get your site id from received code, third line like : var cx = 'your site id';
    Insert your site id in admin/search settings.

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    Initiatus   Admin  Founder  Investor

    Where can I get site id? I only can see search engine ID there.

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    Cheese-please   Creator


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    Cheese-please   Creator

    Yes its possible.This mod compatible with automod, so all queries will be executed automatically, or it is necessary to use umil?

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    Initiatus   Admin  Founder  Investor

    Is it possible to avoid the use of jQuery?
    Also, it looks like this tool should be used for handling sql queries:


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