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5225 Деньги без проблем
0 0 Other

Когда ты веришь в рез-тат, но для этого нужны деньги, заработать негде и одалживать не хотят - можно взять деньги в кредит, под залог квартиры, а при получении прибыли = отдать долг...% нормальный, выдача денег быстро. Мне посоветовали эту ссылку и эта компания мне помогла. рассчитался и теперь зарабатываю сам на себя. Пробуйте ;-)

388 Юридическая консультация Юридические услуги
0 0 Other

Мы предлагаем консультации в устной или письменной форме – в нашем офисе или на выезде. Все письменные документы с обоснованием и разъяснением правовых позиций (справки, конфиденциальные отчеты и заключения) предоставляются клиенту со ссылками на нормативные акты. Сайт юридической фирмы

146 Как заработать без вложений ? Блог вебмастера Ed & Google™
0 0 Other

Заработок в интернет зависит от уровня вашей подготовленности и практических навыков. Я надеюсь вы давно выбрались из дурных сайтов где в качестве заработка вам предлагают кликать и заниматься ерундой за копейки ? Смотрите мою супер инструкцию для новичков как заработать в интернете с Google Adsense ! Важно понимать что, советов о том как заработат...

40 Wp Newspaper Theme Picture Slider Glitch
1 0 Software

Currently there is an annoying glitch in Wp Newspaper theme. It has a picture slider that causes the text on the page jump up and down if the pictures are of different size (in most cases they would be unless the editors who enter the content are very deliberate with every picture and make sure they format them to the same size – yeah right!). To a...

39 AIB WordPress plugin
3 1 Software

AIB is a WordPress plugin that provides functionality of Anonymous Image Board. This can easily be used by anybody who wants to start their own anonymous board in a couple clicks using WordPress. An example of such image board is Code requirements: 1. For prefixes you should use "aib" if needed. 2. Comments should be done in ...

37 Big Expansion for Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers
1 0 Other

Since there are no expansions for Hunters and Gatherers I suggest we join together and invent one ourselves. I think it should contain at least 50 new tiles and 10+ new bonus tiles. It should also include a 6th set of meeples, additional rules and maybe new types of meeples/houses. I also think about adding the "Scout" expansion to this one, but am...

32 List authors by category WordPress - Authors Page
3 0 Software

It'd be nice if rather than a random list based only on posts the authors could be sorted by the category of their posts. If there's a top level category, all the authors in that category are grouped. Eg, all Sports authors, all Health etc. (Where's the authors' page here anyway?)

19 Miranda IM plugin for voice chat via GTalk
1 0 Software

There’s a great need for voice communication via GTalk (XMPP) in Miranda IM. Miranda developers think it’s possible but a plugin is needed. I suggest anyone interested to join me on this idea and get it developed.

18 Akismet plugin for Mediawiki
0 0 Software

Akismet is a SPAM defence service. I couldn’t find a plugin for MediaWiki on their site therefore I think it would be a good idea to find others who are interested and make it done. Please join my idea if it sounds interesting.

17 phpBB search plugin using Elastic Search
3 0 Software

Issue: The current built-in search function is very inefficient as it uses mysql and can't handle large databases well. Possible solution: Create a plugin that will use Elastic Search for all searching and indexing in phpBB. It needs to be optimized for high volume web traffic sites. This plugin needs to be replacing completely the current search...

15 Built-in Google search for SMF
0 1 Software

On large forums the search can overload the server. One of the solutions can be using Google Custom Search Engine: After the mod is installed the built-in search will use Google without visitors leaving the site and the server will not get overloaded. The only con of this system is that there’s no way to search private fo...

11 User Timezone for Wordpress
0 0 Software

There’s no way in Wordpress for a user to specify timezone. There’s only a way to do it globally. It would be good to have this setting for each user and show all dates and times on the site based on that setting for the user. This plugin should be compatible with Wordpress, Buddypressy and BBpress.

10 Hooks system for SMF
0 0 Software

Currently when an SMF mod is installed the forum’s files get changed. This leads to conflicts with themes and among the mods. It would be much better to have a system of hooks that various changes could be associated with. This would be similar to the way it’s done in Wordpress. As the result, it would only be necessary to intall the “Hooks mod” an...

9 Trimage for Windows
1 0 Software

Trimage is a cross-platform tool for optimizing PNG and JPG files with any loss of quality. More information about it is available here: Currently it’s not supported by Windows and this idea is to port it to Windows.

8 Tiny Spy Camera Preview for Android
1 0 Software

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a picture or a video with your Android phone or tablet but without others seeing that you are doing it. When doing it without a preview it’s difficult to get the right focus. This can be addressed by having an app that will launch a camera preview in a very compact format (100X100 pixels) and when the camera is turn...

7 Data in the names of new folders
1 0 Software

Create a program that will make all new folders to have a name that is the current date. The format should be configured from the settings of the program using some general rules. For example: yyyy-mm-dd would be a default format and would look like this: 2013-10-20 The program should be able to autolaunch when Windows starts and stay in the syste...