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About the product

Create an SMS verification plugin for WHMCS system that will be easy to customize in the future. During the ordering process users should be able to provide a valid number that is capable of receiving SMS messages. After that they will be able to enter the verification code to proceed with the ordering process.

Custom themes are not supported. Please don't buy the addon if you are not using a default theme. We might consider making this work for your custom theme starting at additional $195. Please contact us for the prices.

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  • Cannot proceed with order until verified by the user.
  • Prevents abusers by limiting the number of tries.
  • Uses custom fields.


  File Version Date Hits
twilio_sms_phone_verification_by_2by2host.zip 3.10.2 Dec 24, 2014 09:28AM 17
twilio_sms_phone_verification_by_2by2host.zip 3.10.1 Dec 18, 2014 07:25AM 8
twilio_sms_phone_verification_by_2by2host.zip 3.10.0 Dec 16, 2014 08:28AM 1
twilio_sms_phone_verification_by_2by2host.zip 3.9.2 Dec 15, 2014 09:40AM 3
2by2host_com-whmcs-twilio-plugin-3.91.zip 3.91 May 9, 2014 10:37AM 38
2by2host_com-whmcs-twilio-plugin-3.8.zip 3.8 Apr 14, 2014 11:18AM 16
2by2host_com-whmcs-twilio-plugin.zip 3.7 Mar 21, 2014 14:08PM 13

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Feedbacks from customers

  • 8

    .1   Customer

    uploaded to /modules/addons/
    But there was nothing inside /admin/configaddonmods.php

    The installation process you can teach me?

  • 7

    2by2host   Author

    > uploaded to which directory

  • 6

    2by2host   Author

    > In the Edit Account Details can add SMS plugin?
    Not implemented. We'll probably add it in a few months

  • 5

    .1   Customer

    uploaded to which directory

  • 4

    larrylin819   Customer

    In the Edit Account Details can add SMS plugin?
    Otherwise, the user can always change his phone number.
    ex: https://yourdomain/clientarea.php?action=details

  • 3

    2by2host   Author

    We have uploaded the latest version of the plugin there. Please download it and give it a try.
    Please also use the comments system from your aimbox.com account.

  • 2

    2by2host   Author

    Hi, can you provide more information? Where are you using the Taiwanese phone number in the configuration or while testing the order?

  • 1

    larrylin819   Customer

    Why has appeared. "Incorrect phone number: Please make sure the phone field is filled properly and try again ".
    I am using a Taiwanese mobile phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to get support:
    1. All support can be received at http://aimbox.com/p/SMS_plugin_for_WHMCS_billing_system/22 That is the only way it will be answered.

    2. When contacting support provide your URL and a clear description of the issue.

    3. When contacting support please provide FTP and WHMCS access. If that's not an option make sure you have a dev installation (where the issue can be seen) of WHMCS (with dev license) that we could be given access to.

    4. Prepaid urgent support is available within 24 hours at $100 per hour on business days only.

  • How to install the addon
    Unpack the contents of the download archive to


    Navigate to the admin area of your WHMCS software:

    Click on Setup > Addon Modules > Phone Verification

    Click on the "Activate" button and then on "Configure". Enter Twilio-specific details:

    1. Account SID
    2. Auth Token
    3. Phone Number