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What It Does:
This plugin allows you to get status reports (alerts) about your account usage like disk space used/remaining and bandwidth.

You can set it to "automatic" mode and select the timeframe you'd like to receive these updates: weekly, daily, or another custom set period of time of your choosing.

Other Features:
* You can set custom days to send alerts (say every Friday or Monday as an example if that's the best day for your IT person or department to know that information so they can plan ahead).

*You can specify that specific users or groups receive these alerts (status reports).

*You can add custom signatures (like the name of a person and their job title or the department that would oversee this information and pass it on)

*Random signatures can also be added automatically (shuffles stored signatures for status report updates automatically or say, just in case it might be fun to have Thomas Edison emailing you with your account usage report from the Spirit World to see who's reading them)

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