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This plugin allows you to display a table of users with specific roles on a separate page by simply calling the shortcode [authors_page].
The table will consist of avatars and usernames. By means of the "role" attribute you can choose to display only users with a certain role.
Example: [authors_page role="editor"] The users are ordered by post number, from highest to lowest.

In order to view more details about one of the users in the table, you just have to click on the corresponding username and all available information will be displayed.
This feature is enabled by the WP Biographia plugin which should already be installed.

When activated, the plugin creates an "Authors Page" containing all shortcode options available, so you can check how it works right away.
The "Authors Page" plugin is useful for displaying an interactive list of users/ authors on one page.



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    Simple and nice

    Thank you for this plugin.

    Posted by Carbo Queen on WordPress

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    Thank you for this plugin.

    Simple and nice

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    Perfect solution!

    Great work man! Simple but powerful! :) perfect solution to display a list of user with link to own profile (WP Biographia).... I try many other plugin but nothing like this! Many thanks

    Posted by maudit on WordPress

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    Nice plugin, nice layout, more attributes needed

    This is a really nice plugin in conjunction with the WP Biographia plugin.

    It's mew so there could be some further development: more attributes like number of posts for a given author etc.

    Also some styling options would be nice.

    But is looks simple & stable.

    Please keep up the good work!

    Posted by freewriter on WordPress